Halloween 2020 - Day 06


Big Pumpy: Throw your hands in the air, if yous a true playa

Big Pumpy: I love it when you call me Big Pumpa

Big Pumpy: 'Cause I see some ladies tonight, that should be havin' my baby (uh), baby (uh)

Big Pumpy: Thanks for the request Teddy. I'll see yous all tomorrow on Big Pumpy's Patch.

Cael: That's why our ratings are in the toilet. We have to follow that show.

Drago: I think we're rolling...

Cael: Oh. Welcome to another Hour with Cael and Drago.

Cael: Today's guest is Drago's doppleganger, haha.

Drago: I'll never forgive you for that.

Benny: Thank you for inviting me. I figured after you left me for dead, we wouldn't have the pleasure.

Benny: But enough about me. I'd like to introduce my collection of weird and wild oddities.

Benny: But they prefer to be called cryptids for some reason. Must be a PC term or something.

Cael: How did these get here?

Benny: They've been here this whole time.

Cael: Wait, are they sealed in plastic. What is it about you people and suffocating live creatures.

Benny: You people?

Benny: Well they prefer it that way. Or at least I assume.

Cael: One more question. Or maybe more of an observation.

Cael: Why does that look like Azan from 90 Day Fiance?

Benny: I think it's best if you just don't admit certain things.