Halloween 2020 - Day 08


Drago: Normally the gift is all I care about, but this has me concerned.

Pumpathan: Nonsense, you haven't even tried them.

Pumpathan: It's rather close minded to not give it a chance.

Cael: I would usually agree, but this has certainly been the worst thing brought here so far.

Pumpathan: Aww shucks!

Cael: Well, here goes. Might as well try it.

Drago: Ptth.

Drago: It's about how you'd expect.

Cael: Nasty, how would you know?

Hogbug: What's W stand for...? The witch's brew?

Hedgekin: Haha, epic Homestar reference.

Hedgekin: Which reminds me. The Flash plugin is dying in two months. Best catch up on all that stuff now.