Halloween 2020 - Day 09


Drago: You had one job...aside from the other few jobs.

Drago: Don't let it fall behind again.

Octopher: And that's why I took a job in the insurance industry.

Drago: Thrilling stuff. Twists and turns at every corner.

Drago: How about the little lady? How do you pass the time?

Velocimother: I stay at home and watch the kids. They're a handful for sure.

Velocimother: In fact I brought all of them here today.

I think all of them.

Velocimother: One...two...three...four...five...I dunno.

Drago: May I ask why they don't have any cephalopod features?

Octopher: We've been through counciling and have learned to work through all that. Please don't ask again.

Hogbug: Huh, another duplicate.

Hedgekin: Actually it looks a little different. I think it's a special edition. Score!