Halloween 2020 - Day 10


Cael: Apparently they didn't remember to bring all of their offspring home. Can't blame them for losing track though.

Shame we didn't get a true gift.

Drago: We did, it's staring right at you. Didn't you smell it--it was sleeping on your chest last night.

Cael: What? Where?

Drago: That thing.

* Hiss *

Cael: Well that's horrible. So what do we do about them then?

Cael: I suppose we have to feed them at some point.

Drago: There's a ton of the Boogers left. I guess see if they like it.

Hogbug: I think we must be close to the end now?

Hedgekin: Put that down! We're not allowed to look ahead. Plus there's still eight more I think.

Hedgekin: Looks like our 'cute' streak has ended in any case.