Halloween 2020 - Day 12


Drago: I don't care if they only sold them in packs of four, we just needed three. What a waste.

Cael: Never mind that, let's just get this tested.

Cael: Och där vi går...

Drago: I admit, it does wonders for the place. I almost might enjoy being here.

Cael: Thank you for being our guests again. We didn't expect to run out of people so soon in the month.

Hedgekin: Our pleasure, and we came bearing gifts again!!!!!!!!!!!

Cael: Music to my ears, let's see the goods.

Hedgekin: Remember how steampunk is in style?

Hedgekin: Well I hope you are into that then.

Hedgekin: And it glows!

Cael: Well that was a waste setting up all those string lights.

Hedgekin: Oh master, we have dropped off the beacon.

Hedgekin: Please give us another offering. And try to not make it a duplicate.

Hedgekin: Guess I forgot to say 'pretty please'.

Hogbug: Ouch, my nose got zapped!