Halloween 2020 - Day 14


Cael: Now I know I shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but I'm finding it hard to overcome my natural prejudices.

Pumpturd: Not cool, it's current year after all. Give us a chance.

Cael: I'd love to, but we fought an entire season to overcome the poo onslaught.

Cael: And why are you hanging out with that eyeball. I think it was spying on us last year.

Drago: Dare I ask what you brought for a gift?

Pumpturd: Just a little something that's a graveyard smash.

Drago: No, no way. I know where those came from.

Pumpturd: I have no idea what you mean. They're perfectly fresh.

Cael: 'Fresh' isn't the word I would use.

Hogbug: More tree stumps! We must be close.

Hedgekin: Possibly, but we still have a few more. Be patient...