Halloween 2020 - Day 15


Drago: Why are you back? I thought we voiced our severe displeasure with your presence last time.

Pumpathan: Aw come on. Gimme another chance. You won't be disappointed. I only came to give another gift.

Drago: That's exactly why we didn't want you back.

Pumpathan: No can do. I'm sponsored and have to get rid of these.

Cael: Fine, fine. What, pray tell, did you bring us?

Pumpathan: It's the new Dunkin Ghost Pepper Maple doughnut...or donut...not sure.

Isn't it awesome that Halloween adopted the Ghost Pepper. Ghosts! It's right in the name.

Drago: Ghost Peppers, eh? I think Cael learned that lesson last time.

Pumpathan: Never know until you try.

Cael: Didn't you call me a pansy for not wanting to try it? Time to eat your words.

Drago: Thut up. I'm thrying ith.

* Graaaaa *

Pumpathan: Haha, suck it. That'll teach you to disrespect me!

Hogbug: So we're getting albinos now?

Hedgekin: I believe the accurate term is axanthic, but yes. Someone must be a classical horror fan.