Halloween 2020 - Day 16


Cael: Who left these bones scattered about?

Drago: Lit pumpkins too...that's a fire hazard. Our insurance would surely never cover this.

Cael: Something fishy is going on around here.

Big Pumpy: Well don't blame me. I can't speak for Meow Mix though.

Big Pumpy: Anyway, we thought this place was looking a little dull and brought some much needed pizzazz.

Cael: Wait, weren't those the one from last year? I thought they were tossed at the end.

Big Pumpy: Nope. They don't call me a dumpster diver for nothing. They're mostly clean.

Big Pumpy: Let's dig in and make this place shine!

* Ploop *

Hogbug: I really hate that sound.

Hogbug: Hrm, another duplicate.

Hedgekin: Actually, I think it's a variant. Well a non-varient in any case.