Halloween 2020 - Day 17


Cael: So I take it, we're not going to clean up those stray bones?

Drago: When we can simply cover them in leaves? Of course not.

Cael: K. Anyway let's welcome today's guests. The local make-a-wish kids.

Cael: It's amazing they chose our show, but perhaps funds are lacking.

Cael: But don't worry, we're not going to let you leave here without a little something. Drago, tell them what they get.

Drago: A bag of treats. The kind old ladies give out and make trick or treating a bit more special.

Drago: Sorry that it's a few hundred times your body weight. Best of luck.

Cael: See you next Halloween. Maybe.

Hedgekin: Again?!

* Hee hee *

* Ha ha *