Halloween 2020 - Day 18


Cael: Hey! What's that doing still there?

Drago: What?

Cael: That bag. I thought the kids took it.

Drago: I'm afraid not everything has a happy ending...

Cael: What? What happened?

Drago: They just couldn't lift it. What were you thinking?

Cael: Well in any case, let's see what we now get to keep.

Drago: Ooh, a lollipop. Hope it's not another ghost pepper item.

Cael: These bat rings aren't too bad either. A nice change of pace from the spiders.

Cael: Spoke too soon though. There's more of that 'table scatter'.

Drago: Can't win them all.

Hogbug: How many more?

Hedgekin: This is the last one! Excited?

Hogbug: I am now. I think we got them all.

Hedgekin: Shall we check?

Hogbug: Yes! That's all of them. Even the variants which are on the back.

Hedgekin: Can you flip it over and check again?

Hogbug: Nope...

Hedgekin: Fair enough. Now this time we really should try to clean up.