Halloween 2020 - Day 20


Cael: Really... Have we run out of guests again?

Meow Mix: Indeed. The viewers weren't going to accept more cutouts, so here I am.

Meow Mix: And now's a good a time as any to dig into some crafts. You know that's my thing.

Meow Mix: We've got some fancy bands featuring all the Halloween archetypes. Witches, pumpkins, bats, cats.

Cael: No vampires, frankenstein, warewolves?

Meow Mix: Course not. Universal would be all over us for licencing fees.

Meow Mix: You can probably guess my favorite. Hopefully it isn't too redundant.

Cael: They're a bit too big...or perhaps too small. Either way, thank you for your time.

Meow Mix: There's plenty more, so I've take the liberty to decorate everything here.

Meow Mix: And...I've left you some homework. This should chew up another day. We certainly have little else planned.