Halloween 2020 - Day 21


Cael: Are you sure this is right?

Cael: I know we decrement the number each day, but I haven't done the math. I feel like we'll get down to Halloween and have extra days or something.

Cael; We'll deal with it then I guess. We have the project to finish for some reason.

Drago: It's better than having guests though, right. Okay, let's all chip in so this goes faster. You too Mr. Birdy.

Drago: And get that bag off your head. You'll suffocate.

Drago: Looks easy enough. Probably will be difficult to mess this one up.

Drago: No! You somehow found a way. The excess from the cutouts gets tossed. What am I going to do with you?

Drago: These are terrifying. I'll let the bird handle applying them.

Mr. Birdy: * Caw *

Drago: Hmm, not bad. A bit bulkier than I would like this late into the game. Begs the question what to do with these stars though.

Cael: I guess we just decorate the pumpkins in haphazard fashion.

Drago: Okay, but only the yellow and orange ones. What's up with the blue and pink? Sonny, you hearing me?

Cael: I think blue was for the gluten kids. There was a push for it last year.

Drago: Well we already entertained enough make-a-wish kids this year, so toss those two packets.

SkeleSilly: Hey, thanks for building my pumpkin patch.

Drago: It was a trap to do their work! Get off our stage, and never return.