Halloween 2020 - Day 22


CyberCrow: Once again, I'm very disappointed in the state of things.

CyberCrow: You expected gifts each day, but I see that they have been thrown about like an episode of hoarders.

CyberCrow: Leaves are covering other filth. Half-eaten food is amidst the decor.

CyberCrow: And nothing is organized. Time to take actions.

* Bashoom (in reverse) *

Corvus: Thank goodness, I have my lady parts back.

Tanzwut: Ditto...but the other way.

Corvus: See? Much better.

Drago: I honestly see no difference.

Tanzwut: What? I've placed all the orphaned children in a cage, and guarded it with lit pumpkins.

Corvus: And this random pile of bones is now no longer under your feet. I think we did an excellent job.

All Hail... All Rise...

All Hail... All Rise...

All Hail... All Rise...