Halloween 2020 - Day 23


Drago: Yay! This month's DinoDrac©® funpackTM

* contains sponsored content

Cael: Is it really sponsored if we paid for it?

Drago: No idea.

Cael: Enough, let's dig in.

Drago: Score, I was hungry. Dibs on the Candy Corn. Shame it wasn't the Indian Corn

Cael: It's called Harvest Corn now.

Drago: What? Why did that change?

Cael: [current year]

Cael: I've never heard of any of these. How did we miss so much of the 80s?

Drago: Well I'm snagging this. Should help with the boredom around here.

Cael: Fine with me, mine is better. Now we'll finally have a little class in the studio.

Cael: You snooze, you lose.

Cael: I haven't had a DVD player in a decade, so this will fit nicely in the corner.

Drago; Fine, fine. I'll release those creatures from their sealed package. I shouldn't expect much more by now.

Cael: Hey, those gummy spiders were mine!

Drago: I only had one. My appetite is pretty much gone now. I can't eat with this lot staring at me.

Cael: Well that about does it. Did we miss anything?

Drago: Don't think so. Pretty sure we got it all.