Halloween 2020 - Day 24


Jeeves: Alas, the council is complete. Thanks be to the Hedgehogs for doing the grunt work so far.

Jeeves: Though, I was certain there were only five of us last year. Where'd the extra one come from?

Jeeves: Please use the globe to complete your transformations. This will play a larger role later, hopefully.

* Zappp *

Jeeves: You shall no longer be nameless.

Cael: Welcome Mr. FrankenDrag...Dinosaur.

FrankenDino: Pleased to be here. Thank you for having me.

Cael: It wasn't by choice. So how has your Halloween season been so far?

FrankenDino: Doing the best I can. It took a little while to get things off the ground this year.

FrankenDino: But I can predict great things coming very soon.

Drago: Enough, what did you bring us?

FrankenDino: Food, one after my own heart...or name.

Drago: Okay I'm liking this guy. Why couldn't we get more guests like this?

Drago: Green chocolate. What magic is this?

Cael: Tastes the same though.

Drago: Did you want green chocolate to taste like something else?

Cael: Fair point.

Cael: Thank you, come back any time.

Drago: Not empty handed.

Cael: Well of course.