Halloween 2020 - Day 25


Cael: Entering the final week at long last. Welcome Mummy Sloth.

Moth: Please, call me Moth.

Cael: I will not. But sorry to keep you waiting.

Mummy Sloth: How could you tell?

Cael: Enough chit-chat. I heard you first brought Halloween traditions to the ancient Egyptians. Was it much different back then?

Mummy Sloth: Ever so slightly. They went a little overboard on the 'tricks' though.

Mummy Sloth: I thought the whole brain scooper thing was pushing the limits of good taste.

Mummy Sloth: But in the end, I brought some culture to a civilization that otherwise had little going for it.

Drago: Very good, now: gift...

Mummy Sloth: Yes, yes. Of course.

Mummy Sloth: I'll leave you with something that is a part of me.

Cael: Figuratively or physically?

Mummy Sloth: Yes.

Cael: I think it moved. I don't like this.

Jeeves: I know I thanked you Hedgehogs yesterday, but then I realized you weren't there. I'm not doing it a second time however.

Jeeves: Did you anticipate my return?

Hogbug: Well the mantle sort of gave it away. I figured it related to your 'side business'.

Hogbug: It's not too many levels removed from 'Live Laugh Love'.

Jeeves: Save your long speeches for later. We have another transformation scheduled.