Halloween 2020 - Day 26


Batticus: So you see, it's full of fun.

Batticus: It's a maze, it's a treasure hunt, it's wall art. Certainly this is a worthy gift.

Cael: I don't deny that it might kill the time, but what's with all those highlighted 'M's? I feel like there's some hidden meaning there that I don't understand.

Cael: Gift aside, you look like a magician. Why was it that the glowing skull ended up being the only magical being?

Batticus: But this is my magic trick.

Batticus: I can make time disappear.

Cael: Never mind then. Ratty, put this on the wall so we don't trip on it later.

Cael: Per chance, did you have anything else?

Batticus: Yes of course. I brought my friend here to keep you company.

Batticus: I call him Scarpion. You know because of the scars.

Drago: I don't see any scars.

Batticus: I never said they were his scars.