Halloween 2020 - Day 27


Drago: I have a bad feeling about these.

Cael: It can only mean one thing, right?

Drago: Not sure. I suppose I should test it out.

Cael: Is that a good idea? You know what happened last time.

Drago: Ack, it's dripping upwards. It is the same stuff.

Drago: Why do I never learn?

* Bzzt *

Hey guys. We're back.

Cowabunga dude!

Did you miss us?

* Poof *
All of us?

Cael: Can't say I did.

Aw, but we came so far to see you again.

Plus we figured there would be some catastrophe to overcome.

Drago: Wait who are you? I don't recall seeing your face last year.

I was here, just always in the background.

I wasn't here.

Nor us. We got the season wrong too.

Enough chitter-chatter. Time for the sick skate party!


Drago: What is going on here. Why did you bring so many tiny skateboards?

Because: I'm out of this world!

Drago: Boo!

Cael: Why are there squids?

Cael: And turtles... Can't you choose something consistent?

Aw, but we like to express ourselves.

Until next time. Later Frank...

Frank: Nice seeing you again.

Drago: I hate this. Let's get the month over with.