Halloween 2020 - Day 28



Drago: Who left those laying out in the middle of the floor? Someone could get hurt. Like right now.

Cael: I told your son to tidy up the place, but it seems he had other plans.

Cael: On the plus side, he's learning a few new tricks.

Drago: Enough tricks, save those for Halloween proper!

So how did you all get back. I thought we zapped you away from here last year.

Big Pumpy: You did, but only right outside the entrance.

And you didn't just walk right back in.

Meow Mix: We thought about it, but then you'd probably just repeat your spell and it would be a battle of endurance. Frankly I wasn't that motivated.

Cael: Okay, I guess the birds are back.

Bonjour. We are from Spain.

Cael: They don't say 'Bonjour' in Spain.

We never said it was your Earth's Spain.

Okay crew, let's sing them a song.

Drago: No, no. There will be no singing on my watch. The month is almost done.

Well you're no fun.

Time for plan B.

* Rough *

Drago: Ack, get it off. Bad doggy.

Cael: Care to call off your dog?

They're not called 'dogs' in our Spain.

Plus, looks how he plays with your other pets.

Who's a good boy?

Your bunny isn't being too nice though.

Cael: That's not a bunny, but I won't push the issue.

Cael: Thank you and please take your vermin away.