Halloween 2020 - Day 29


* Hiss *

* Hass *

* Huss *
Dun Dun Da

Jeeves: Welcome Mr. Ratty. We've been expecting you.

Cael: How'd we end up on public access? Couldn't we do better?

Drago: Well we had the Netflix deal, but you turned it down.

Cael: Well something seemed off. They wanted us to attend that pizza party.

Drago: True, and there wasn't even any pizza. What gives?

Cael: We welcome our final guest, hopefully.

Clyde: Thank you. Where am I?

Cael: You're on 'An Hour with Cael & Drago'

Clyde: A whole hour? Bummer...

Cael: I see you brought a friend, though he's not seasonally appropriate for the show.

Clyde: You can see him too? I thought it was just me.

Cael: Okay, I think that's about enough for today. Goodbye.

Cael: This can't end soon enough.

You'll never get away with this. We won't let you.

We outnumber you, plus birds can fly, and sort of write.

Jeeves: Will you? I wouldn't be so sure.

Jeeves: Mummy-hand, restrain our friend so I can needlessly explain things.

It's pointless to explain. What would you have to gain?

Jeeves: Very little, but please allow me to narrate the work of master Hives.

Jeeves: You see, you no longer have your strength in numbers.

Jeeves: Your weakness is you goo form.

Jeeves: Soon you will all become one big puddle. Useless to anyone.

Jeeves: Okay, that's really gross.