Halloween 2020 - Day 31


Cael: I guess Day 00 is a thing. Noted.

Cael: And why did the teleporter take all night to get us here? It was instant the first time.

Jeeves: Plot convenience I imagine.

Cael: Fair enough. Now what sinister plan do you have in store for us this year?

Jeeves: Simple, I wanted your coveted 8:00 time slot on public access.

Jeeves: And I've gathered an army to help me get it.

Drago: What? We're done with it after tonight. There's no need to fight for it.

Cael: I don't think reason factors into this. Any ideas from the peanut gallery?

Big Pumpy: Yes, I have a cunning plan that's sure to work.

Drago: Okay Baldrick. What pray-tell is it?

Big Pumpy: My secret weapon that I never bothered using last year.

Drago: Well how about that... although nothing happened.

Big Pumpy: It's more of a summoning power. Look!

Corvus: Hey, we're here to help.

Drago: It's the crows!

Tanzwut: What?!

Drago: It's the ravens!

Cyberraven: That's better.

Cael: I thought they were called CyberCrow before?

Big Pump: Second wave incoming...

Cael: Okay Jeeves. I think we're evenly matched now.

Jeeves: We shall see. Perhaps some verbal banter is in order to help pad the time.

Cael: Perhaps!

Benny: I'm cranked on Goblin Juice!

Pumpathan: Revenge is best served neat!

Octopher: Hey, why's my wife on the other side?

Velocimother: The custody battle just got ugly!

Cael: Let Mortal Kombat Begin!

* Bashoom *

* Gnaw! *

Oof. I need to get in shape.

* Squash...Pumpkin *

* Caw *

You need some random gears and clock parts!

Father's aren't parents. No court will accept that!

Cael: I think I'm just dancing. What else can we do?

Drago: Sonny, stop being lazy and do something to turn the tide.

We're free!

Jeeves: It's time for the great dying. Get the coffins.

Drago: Nooo!

Cael: Why are you yelling? They don't look like real coffins.

Drago: I was referring to the scoville index...

Drago: Wait something's coming through the portal.

Cael: Well it better hurry up. I think my fighting partner is getting the wrong idea.

We're here to save the day.

Good doggy, fight the power.

* Zap *

Cael: Where are we?

Drago: The birds didn't really help us, did they?

Cael: Guess we couldn't hope for a repeat. What else is new?

Jeeves: Haha, I rerouted their *zap* to send you to the master's lair.

Cael: What, I thought you were the master?

Jeeves: It's a partnership, at least on the LLC.

Jeeves: Time to say goodbye!

Drago: We need a miracle.

Mista Snowman: I can give you a miracle.

Mista Snowman: A Christmas Miracle!

Cael: So I guess we're just going to end on a general 'reset' again.

Drago: Did you want to fight more?

Cael: No, not really. Happy Halloween I guess.