Previously on Dannarchy's Halloween

Drago: Wow, we got our own Public Access TV Show

Cael: Don't act too excited

A new egg arrival every day!

I'm back, and I will continue to criticize your decor.

I'm a good guy now, btw.

Best friends are we

If they don't breathe, they can never truly die

Steam Punk is in. Deal with it.

I think we collected all of them.

Help, I'm a slave here

*Nom Nom*

Why is this one empty?

The portal to the forshadowing

Do the Dew...two

The poo returns with a vengeance

Things start to get ominous

Glitter makes me better

Make a wish

Grab bags are so much fun

Pirates are sort of Halloweenish

Time to accessorize

Killing time with crafts

You're still making messes!

Support Matt by buying a surprise pack

We're back from last year to cause more trouble

More spies to disrupt during the night

I have to admit, this is a terrible gift

I'm outta this world!

Bird-aliens are back to thwart trouble

The globe teleports

Prepare for the final fight

The Final Fight!

Mista Snowman: Christmas Miracle!

Told you steam punk rules

And it all ended. Great