Halloween 2021 - Day 01


Cael: 31 Days! I'm so excited. Aren't you excited?!

Cael: Halloween is the best. I can't wait!

Drago: What on Earth are you going on about? You detest Halloween...I mean even without the catastrophies that have befallen us each year in recent memory.

Drago: And you got a new countdown and everything. This concerns me. It really does.

Cael: Relax. The new apartment has me on a momentary high, so ride the pessimism. With that outburst out of the way, why are the others here? This isn't exactly a spacious living quarter for the two of us, let alone three-and-a-half.

Drago: Is Mr. Birdy the half?

Cael: Look, don't ask questions that you might not want the answers to.

Drago: Fair enough. But for now, at least, can you just try to ignore them? Home life hasn't been going quite so well since the Mrs. disappeared.

Cael: Well that's a guilt trip, if I ever heard one.

Drago: Whatever it takes for you to agree.

Drago: Plus, you don't really have a leg to stand on.

Cael: What's that supposed to mean?

Drago: You still have all those GIF things from last May hanging around. Why didn't you trash, recycle, or compost them months ago?

Cael: Huh? How did I not notice those before?

Drago: Liar. We just moved in. You must have brought them with you.

Cael: Fine, fine. I had nowhere else to put them, and they looked at me sadly when I tried to burn them alive.

Corvus: I'm afraid there's no room for the both of us.

Tanzwut: And since we have grand plans for a steampunk inspired layout, real estate is at a premium.

Aw, but we won't be any trouble. We did come all the way back to Earth to partake in the monthly festivities.

Tanzwut: No can do. Steampunk is for birds only. Speaking of which, pardon me...

*** BASHOOM!!! ***

Do you always do that when you transform?

CyberRaven: Yes. It's unavoidable and makes our insurance deductible just insane.

Well if you only allow birds, then say no more!

CyberRaven: That's not what I had in mind!

Big Pumpy: Ey, guiyz. Rad pad we gots here now.

Sands O'Time: Please stop with that accent. You're purposely making it worse.

Meow Mix: Agreed. This is a nice place, but please don't make me regret sharing it with the likes of you.

Sands O'Time: Which You? Singular or Plural?

Meow Mix: The archaid dual form actually.

Big Pumpy: While yous twos argue about grammar, I'm calling dibs on this light. I think it fits me well.

Sands O'Time: Looks like this is a perfect match too. Did we happen to get a Kitty-shaped one?

Meow Mix: That would be a negative. Cats are a staple of Halloween decor. What gives?

Sands O'Time: Just shoosh and bask in the glow.

Hedgekin: O' faithful mantle. Reckon it will deliver us gifts once again?

Hogbug: Looks like we've gotten one already. The month is off to a good start.

Hedgekin: Oh JoyTM!

Hogbug: You going to give it a taste?

Hedgekin: Nope...

Skelesilly: Sorry, no foreshadowing here. Just was hoping you remembered me.