Halloween 2021 - Day 02


Hedgekin: Hmm, no new gift today then?

Hogbug: Actually, that's a new one. We have two now.

Hedgekin: This is turning out to be a very disappointing year.

Cael: Sooooo sloooooow...

Drago: You know what they say about a watched clock.

Cael: This isn't a clock, but I get the idea.

Cael: And I see that we have a new guest once again.

Drago: Who, the Gimblegob? You know they've been inseparable. Plus you haven't really tidied up your side of the place.

Cael: Yes, yes. I'm getting to that now.

CyberRaven: There's not enough room for the lot of us. I have to remain in Cyber form just to reduce our body mass in half.

CyberRaven: Is there any chance you can revert back to those rubber thimbles again?

CyberRaven: I've began to move in my steam punk accessories, and they are very fragile.

No worries. We'll be careful. Does this thing light up?

CyberRaven: But of course.


Meow Mix: I don't care if this was left here or walked in on its own. It needs to go. Those colors are not seasonally appropriate.

Sands O'Time: Aw, but they're adorable. Can't we leave them around, just for a little longer.

Meow Mix: Fine. Just make sure they're out of the way. I have big plans for this space, assuming I don't get tangled in this wire.

Big Pumpy: I see a theme forming.

Cael: There. All gone. Happy now?

Drago: Very good. I have just the thing to fill the vacancy.

Cael: Already? I was enjoying the blank wall.

Drago: That's a luxury for another time. We need to prep for the future in case of another big emergency.

Cael: You anticipate another TP shortage?

Drago: Well when you're the one cleaning the throne in the corner, you bet.

Cael: Wait, how did I not notice that? After all the grief over the GIF pets.

Drago: It's pronounced "GIF"

Cael: That's what I said.