Halloween 2021 - Day 04



CyberRaven: Room for another prop. That's something anyway.

Interesting. Does it light up or anything, or is it just a statue.

CyberRaven: Yes. If you hold on a second, I'll switch it on.

CyberRaven: Anything?


CyberRaven: Rats...

Rats? I like the sound of that.



Cael: Have you noticed a new development around here?

Drago: Can't say I have.

Cael: Trees... There's literally one growing into your rib cage.

Drago: Huh...Would you look at that. I figured it was just some indigestion.

Drago: And while they may work well with our decor, they may also play a role in the ongoing sanitation saga.

Big Pumpy: Sorry again for leaving all my old junk here. I know we're trying to keep it tidy like your litter box.

Meow Mix: No worries. The place is a little bare at the moment, and they give it a Pee-Wee's Playhouse vibe.

Sands O'Time: Though, keeping loaded firearms out in the open might come back to bite us, but who am I to judge?

Meow Mix: And the pumpkins actually go well with our illumination theme.

Sand O'Time: Though, keeping open flames out in the center might come back to bite us, but who am I to judge?

Sand O'Time: What was that?

Hedgekin: So you are on board?

Pumpathan: Oh yeah. Totally!

Hedgekin: Did you bring your stuff too?

Pumpathan: Right here.

Hogbug: Excellent. Such biting irony that Candy Corn can only manifest in jellybean form.

Hedgekin: And you remember where to take your package?

Pumpathan: Oh, yeah... It'll be my pleasure.

Drago: Well thank goodness that's finally out. Thanks for not helping.

Cael: Likewise. While you were bristle-brushing your gizzard, I finally got some thing to make this place feel like home.

Cael: Let's hope batteries were included.

Cael: Wonderful

Drago: Indeed, just don't get your hopes up about them still being around by morning.