Halloween 2021 - Day 05


Cael: I think things are spinning out of control.

Cael: And we don't even have a meteor to sell to a university.

Drago: Forget about that. Something arrived today.

Cael: Uh, oh. I don't like when things just show up. Makes me thing dragons are about.

Drago: It's food, so pipe down. And since we never really considered what we would eat this month, random drop-offs are our saving grace.

Cael: Think it's any good. It looks a little dodgey.

Drago: Only one way to find out.

Cael: You're going to try one?

Drago: Nonsense. I'll have Mr. Birdy test it out.



Drago: I think they're okay. You can have them.

Pardon me. We're think we're lost.

Is this Apartment 1A?

Cael: No, that's the suite at the top of the building. I forget what number we're in. We haven't left for days.

That's not healthy. You need to stretch your arms. Don't take them for granted.

Cael: Wait...are the aliens back?

Big Pumpy: A coffin...my very own coffin!

Sands O'Time: Get out. You're not supposed to be sitting in them. Now if I can just figure out the final steps to the wiring...

Sands O'Time: Bingo

Sands O'Time: A sultry skull one for me...

Big Pumpy: And outrageous orange pumpkins for me.

Big Pumpy: Did you get a feline design on yours?

Meow Mix: No, of course not. Why am I always left out?!

Hey! You made it!

Thanks. The dirty skeletons downstairs were a great help. Are you sure there's space for us?

Of course. There's plenty of room.

CyberRaven: I beg to differ!