Halloween 2021 - Day 06


Cael: We're getting walled in. Something needs to be done soon.

Cael: Any ideas?


Meow Mix: Any relation to you, Big Pumpy?

Big Pumpy: Not that I know. Where's this from?

Sands O'Time: Let's not worry about where it's from, and concentrate on what it can do.

Big Pumpy: That doesn't sound promising. Why are you holding it so close to me?


Big Pumpy: Nasty

Meow Mix: Let me guess...there's a pumpkin, a skull, and nothing cat related...

Sands O'Time: Au contraire. We have a little kitty right here.


Meow Mix: Sigh...

But you said we could invite all of our friends

CyberRaven: I did not. There's no reason for more to arrive daily.

Even if they come with gifts?

You've always complained about lacking hands. Now our problems are solved.

They even fit on some of us.

I think a giant hug is on order.

Hedgekin: At long last. I've been waiting all year for this.

Hogbug: Indeed. But why did it arrive empty?

Hedgekin: That, I can't explain.

Hedgekin: Guess it'll just be another decoration.

Cael: So they just appeared here...and just now? Don't mystery packages usually come at night?





Drago: No! They were rigged!

Cael: My beautiful apartment. I almost started liking it.