Halloween 2021 - Day 07


Cael: My lair, my beautiful lair...

Drago: Lair, nothing. This is an overpriced pod of a living space. I'm surprised they don't pipe in processing bug goo to eat.

And how'd the trees burn to a crisp, yet there's no damage to the floor?

Cael: Fire burns upwards, obviously.

Cael: Um, Drago. Do you hear a creaky wheel approaching?

You asked. I listened.

No longer do we starve on nothing but astronaut food.

You...with the hands. Pass out the mice!

CyberRaven: Mice?! We need no vermin here. Birds eat seeds, and sometimes bread right before they die.

Nonsense. Your friend Owl O'Clock eats them all the time.

CyberRaven: Wait, my friends stopped over, and I didn't know about it.

Well, I sent him away on account of space issues.



CyberRaven: Why, pray tell, are some of them neon?

Because they're flavored!

Sands O'Time: Bye. Thanks for stopping by.

Big Pumpy: Please PM me on Yahoo! chat.

Meow Mix: Okay, enough false pleasantries. These leaves are back. Why haven't they mulched yet?

Cael: You again. For what do I owe the pleasure?

Jeeves: I followed the scent of soot and sadness. What have you done to the place?

Cael: I can't claim responsibility for this. We were set up.

Jeeves: And who might you be?

Jeeves: Never mind. As your landlord, I must ensure the resale value of this property, and the likes of you aren't helping that much.

Cael: Do we have any hope of getting our security deposit back?

Jeeves: Assuredly not.

Jeeves: And to keep things on track, I will be forced to keep the decor suitably festive for the forseeable future. I will start with the ubiquitous 'table scatter'.

Drago: Thanks! We love it!

Jeeves: Good. The bill will be added to your rent.

Cael: Why are you acting so happy?

Drago: I just wanted him to leave. Now let's get this scattered.

Cael: Must we? It doesn't appear sharp like the bats, but it will be a tripping hazard for sure.

Cael: I have two issues with this: One...they're glass acorns, and that makes little sense.

Cael: And two, I can't make a pattern that will sit well with my OCD.