Halloween 2021 - Day 08


CyberRaven: Desgustang

CyberRaven: There's still some left alive. Any chance you can do some house cleaning?

'Fraid not.

We've got a whole new batch to add to the mix now

Let's get that grub out onto the floor

Bone Apple Teeth

CyberRaven: I hate you all!

Cael: What's this?! We're infested.

Drago: At least it's crawling away from you. Ack! It's not stopping!

Drago: Get it off. Ptth...not my mouth.

Cael: Stand still. I'll smack it.


Jeeves: Cael! Tell your friend to shave his moustache after it stops wiggling.

Cael: Will do. So, what's on the menu for today?

Jeeves: I've decided on a new direction for your living space.

Jeeves: Classic, yet with a dark edge to it.


Cael: I'll get right on it.

Meow Mix: So we have to call this a 'block stacking game'?

Sands O'Time: Legal reasons I guess, but the official ones were never this Halloweeny.

Big Pumpy: Up high

Sands O'Time: Down low

Meow Mix: Too slo--


Jeeves: What a mess! I expected more from the likes of you.

Big Pumpy: Sorry boss...I mean, lord...of land.

Jeeves: The glowing theme is working well. Here's a teal pumpkin for the gluten sensitive.

Big Pumpy: Sounds good. Should do wonders for my GI tract.

Hedgekin: This isn't the sort of food item I was expecting.