Halloween 2021 - Day 09


Cael: Do you want to know what has me conflicted?

Drago: No! But I'm sure you're going to tell many anyway.

Cael: I had a vision of escaping the traditional spooky Halloween archetype and go for more of a general autumnal vibe. Now, we're slowly going into some victorian gothic territory.

Drago: Well I've got some bad news for you buddy.

Drago: There was another dropoff this morning that you managed to miss.

Drago: It's a black velvet pillow pumpkin, and someone already called dibs.

CyberRaven: Why is all this still here?

Hedgekin: Hmm? Not food today. Wonder what it might be?

Hogbug: It's a puzzle...in a test tube! Oh joyous occasion.

Hedgekin: This should at least pass an hour. What fun.

Hogbug: Now to just fill the other 23.

Meow Mix: I'm not saying I hate it. The just that the color doesn't hit right.

Meow Mix: I feel like it's a bell pepper instead of a pumpkin, and that's unforgivable.

Meow Mix: A normal deep green is the only passable color, right?

Sands O'Time: Normally, I'd agree, but all bets were off when teal came onto the scene.

Hogbug: We did it!

Hedgekin: Indeed we did. Unfortunately we can't move it without it falling apart, so I hope you enjoy the new flooring.