Halloween 2021 - Day 10


Cael: I don't care what Jeeves things. I'm doing things my way.

Cael: I don't see the need to be dreary all month. Most of my company does that on their own.

Drago: Thanks for that comment while I'm helping you out.

Drago: You sure this is considered general autumn? There's a few Halloween staples on the plaque.

Also, is this slate? It's going to fall and kill me during the night. I just know it.

Cael: Well, please secure it carefully in that case.

Drago: Thanks. Didn't think you cared.

Cael: Course. It would only contribute to Jeeves's macrabe plans, if it did.

Sands O'Time: Happy now? I think that's acceptable hue of orange.

Sands O'Time: You can't really go wrong with orange.

Big Pumpy: I have very specific tastes in orange, and even I agree.

Meow Mix: Sadly, no. I don't like it.

Meow Mix: But I'm not going to dwell on it, since I took matters into my own hands.

Meow Mix: Forget odd colored pumpkins. We're going big.

Meow Mix: Haunted houses, bats, the whole deal.

CyberRaven: Riddle me this...

Ooo, riddles. I like those.

CyberRaven: Why are there chameleons here now. Don't tell me, they are the lunch du jour.

Hey, you speak our Spanish! But no, those are lizards of any sort.

The uneaten rats are all grown up now.

Give 'em a big ol' kiss

Hedgekin: Come on...give us something good.

Hedgekin: Jackpot!

Hogbug: But you hate mint creme

Hedgekin: True. But you know what I don't hate? That box!

Hogbug: I don't hate it either. Very much. I'll add it to our decor.

Hogbug: Where did that come from?

Hedgekin: It's been there for days.

Hogbug: Huh...