Halloween 2021 - Day 11


CyberRaven: It's good to see you again, and apologies for having to sit on our current infestation.

Gourdgear: Not a problem. We love sitting on rotting bugs and rodents.

CyberRaven: Really?

Owl O'Clock: No, of course not.

Owl O'Clock: Although, I'd be lying if I said those flavored rats didn't look tempting.

CyberRaven: And further apologies for the rude treatment the other day.

Gourdgear: We were told that you had sent us away.

CyberRaven: Why must you turn this place into a house of lies?

It was in our best interest

♪ Oh, this is build a beast ♪

♫ You get to pick and choose ♫

♪ Longer teeth and sharper claws ♪

♫ Beady eyes and mangy paws... ♫

♪ Oh, this is build a beast ♪

♫ So if creepy's what you want, ♫

♪ these are the pets for you. ♪

Hedgekin: Krispie's treats. My favorite!

Hogbug: Yeah, great...

Hedgekin: What's up? You don't sound as thrilled to get these spongey desserts.

Hogbug: I just don't like having this statue here. It doesn't fit at all.

Hedgekin: Say no more. I have an idea.

Hedgekin: Nice to see you all again.

Sands O'Time: Weren't you bad guys last year?

Big Pumpy: Weren't we bad guys two years ago?

Hedgekin: All is behind us now. We've brought a gift to signal our best intentions.

Hogbug: And not because we don't want it, of course.

Big Pumpy: We only care if it glows.

Big Pumpy: Excellent.