Halloween 2021 - Day 12


Hedgekin: Fast food...delivered... What will they think of next?

Hogbug: Revolutionary advancements in laziness aside, what's the deal with these nuggest? There's some odd flaking on them.

Hedgekin: They're the new Ghost Pepper Nuggets. Ghost...peppers, like that hasn't been run into the ground for the third year in a row.

Hogbug: Are they spicey?

Hedgekin: Only one way to find out...

Drago: Running out of room. We must be close to the end of the month, right?

Cael: Nope. Not even halfway.

Cael: Heads up. I hear creeking.

Batticus: Salut. Jeeves was busy, so I have delivered today's gift.

Cael: Gifts imply that they are free and ours.

Batticus: I'm not aware of that definition.

Cael: Figures. So let's get on with it. What is this so-called gift?

Batticus: It's right here.

Cael: And, he's gone.

Drago: Is that a bad thing?

Cael: Strictly speaking, no. But I'm not sure if the thing he rode in on is what he meant.

CyberRaven: Another giant rat...

CyberRaven: When are you going to do something about this infestation?

Giant rat? I'm afraid that's not what I consider 'giant'

This one is more like it.

Cael: Well after a quick three-point turn, we managed to get it into the corner. I think it looks nice.

Drago: Three? More like thirty-three. Least the two of them aren't on the floor anymore.

Drago: Too bad that didn't bring something useful like food.

Cael: Oh yeah! Something did show up.

Drago: Fast food delivered?

Cael: Are you hungry or not?

Drago: I was, but these flakes have me worried.

Drago: Here goes...

Drago: Grah!

Cael: Haha, I dodged a bullet finally!