Halloween 2021 - Day 13


CyberRaven: No it's not!

I beg to differ

CyberRaven: It is NOT steampunk in any way

You sure? Seems to fit the part, as far as I can tell

I think it will fit in well here

Drago: More of this stuff. At least it's small, even if I continue to step on it.

Cael: My only complaint is that it's a single color. Where's the variety?

Drago: Beggers can't be choosers

Cael: We're not begging. We don't even want these, yet are getting charged all the same.

Drago: One person wants one anyway. Perhaps I should relax a little.

Cael: Would you look at that. They're regrowing the trees. Nature is healing.

Hogbug: *sigh*

Hedgekin: What's on your mind?

Hogbug: The Junior Mints have such great packaging. Why can't more things be like that?

Hedgekin: Wonder, no more. This can fits the bill.

Hedgekin: Look at that perfect haunted house. Bats, spooky eyes, and everything.

Hogbug: Even better on my end. This is wonderful!

Hedgekin: Three cheers for Sunkist!

Big Pumpy: Guiz! I plead my innocence.

Sands O'Time: Plead all you want. We know you're the culprit.

Sands O'Time: That Boo statue was brand new and glowed like the 6th of January, yet now it's dead.

Sands O'Time: How could you have left it on over night. The batteries are toast.

Big Pumpy: Not all is lost. Look... There's one light left burning.

Sands O'Time: It's just not the same

Sands O'Time: What's one little light going to do?

! ! !