Halloween 2021 - Day 14


Hedgekin: Zombies! I love zombies.

Hedgekin: The packaging leaves a little to be desired, however.

Hogbug: Don't be too hard on it. There's the glowy-eyed type zombie, and they took the bold move of classifying Frankenstein as a zombie.

Hedgekin: I don't think canon will appreciate that, but I do approve of the color choices.

Cael: More?

Drago: Yep.

Cael: Why did Jeeves bring more of this? Wasn't he going for Victorian gothic?

Drago: I've been supplying this. I thought you knew that?

Cael: What...why?

Drago: I was trying to help with your original vision, but I see that has gone unappreciated.

Cael: What's that wooshing sound?


Drago: I have no words

I assure you. This not our doing.

CyberRaven: It must be. You were from Spain.

We've established that our Spain is more akin to your France. Plus 'Day of the Dead' is Mexican as far as our research has determined.

CyberRaven: Then where did it come from?

CyberRaven: And why are you two still here?

Gourdgear: We literally can't move enough to leave.

Big Pumpy: I know I didn't leave this on. I'm being blamed again.

Big Pumpy: Just as I thought. It wasn't even turned on. I've been framed!

Big Pumpy: Good as new.

Big Pumpy: What on Earth?

Big Pumpy: This is unsettling, even by our standards.

Big Pumpy: Yeah, this is no good.