Halloween 2021 - Day 15


Cael: Speak of the dragon...

Jeeves: You know very well that I am not a dragon.

Cael: That was the point.

Jeeves: Blatant racism aside, we have grave matters to discuss.

Cael: What could possibly be the issue now? We've littered the place with your Hot Topic overstock, circa 1999.

Jeeves: Yet, I continue to see this non-descript clutter that could apply to any of three months this time of year.

Jeeves: I'm afraid I have no choice...

Jeeves: ...but to leave the bird of staring. It will monitor your every move.

. . .

Drago: No way I'm letting that leer at me for the rest of the month.

Cael: Be thankful that 'leering' is all you must endure.

I claim no responsibility for this.

CyberRaven: Well, someone broke it. Unless you're suggesting that it opened on its own.

Perhaps it did. Look! Something is hatching.

CyberRaven: What is that horrible creature?

A baby crow. You just have to look at it from the right angle. It's avant-garde.

Hedgekin: Greetings weary travelers. I assume you are not a tastey Halloween treat.

Gno-more: Astute observation. We are travelers and have gone to great lengths to get here.

Midge: Pray tell, are we in the Jeeves complex?

Hedgekin: You are! Welcome to our pocket of the universe.

Hogbug: But more importantly, did you bring any snacks?

Midge: We did. We humbly offer a gift of Smarties.

Hogbug: But we can get those any time of year...