Halloween 2021 - Day 17


So good to get an invite. It's been so long!

Cael: Look, we're not here to chit chat. We've got something you may like, so the sooner you take it away, the better.

Ooo, a gift. What of?

Cael: We need you to take the bird back to wherever it is that birds thrive.

A bird? Yes. That will do nicely

Looks like you've found your new forever home Mr. Birdy

Cael: No, not the one we like...


It's just as beautiful!

Great news! No more tiny birds!

CyberRaven: Why do I feel like good news precedes bad news?

There's no such need for any doubt.

Big Pumpy: Okay, round two. I'm sure you'll like these.

Big Pumpy: Despite the heavy slant towards all things pumpkiny.

Big Pumpy: They had a name, but I spent hours debating whether or not it was profane to speak out loud, so I will forgo such titles for the time being.

Meow Mix: So is it a wristband, charm thing.

Sands O'Time: No, I believe it's for a masquerade ball of some sorts.

Sands O'Time: 3/5. Very confusing

Hedgekin: Oh good. No more missed gifts.

Hogbug: I'll forgive its lack of Halloween aesthetic on the count of those monthers being adorable.

Hedgekin: You sure about that?

Hogbug: On the packaging. The actual chips will haunt me.

Hedgekin: That just leaves one final concern.

Hedgekin: I know potatoes are technically vegetables, but that's not the impression I get when I'm advertised 'veggie chips'.