Halloween 2021 - Day 18


Cael: What brings you around these parts. And, more importantly, how did you lose your arm?

Benny: It didn't lose it. I know where it is.

Benny: Never let it too far out of my sight.

Cael: Dare I ask how?

Benny: Let's just say, I don't take care of the cryptid zoo anymore.

Meow Mix: Due to the lack of representation around here, I've been forced to find a boyfriend. He'll be around more, and we'll have to get rid of some of the decor in order to make room for another litter box.

Sands O'Time: Welcome, just be careful of your surroundings. There's a ton of fragile things to bump into.

Catskills: No problem. Cats are nimble on their feet.

Catskills: Oops, my bad.

Sands O'Time: We hate him and want him gone.