Halloween 2021 - Day 20


Cael: Did Benny leave yet?

Drago: Don't think so. Why?

Cael: Squeaky wheels approacheth.

Cael: Ouch. Glad the Goblin Juice has him out for the count.

Jeeves: Why is your apartment so bumpy?

Cael: How do you managed to drive into said apartment?

Jeeves: Bother me not with such trivialities. Have you seen a giant armadillo by any chance?

Drago: Can't say we have. Should we be on the lookout for one?

Jeeves: Not at all. I've brought another item for you to set up.

Cael: No, no. You can't just mention a giant armadillo and leave us hanging.

Jeeves: Crazy talk. I know of no such thing. Here's a finger-pumpkin-candle thing. I think it will go well here.

Cael: How rude.

Drago: Very, but at least Benny doesn't seem to notice.

Hedgekin: Did I say Oh Joy already this month?

Hogbug: Yes, several times.

Hedgekin: Well, I'm saying it again.

Hogbug: These look suspiciously familiar.

Hedgekin: I think they're related to the Make-a-wish kids from last year.

Hogbug: Oh? I wonder how they're doing these day.

Hedgekin: I heard they have a wide open farm on which to frolic.

Hedgekin: Back on topic. Shall we dig into these and see what we find?

Hogbug: Hmm, we have to assemble them. That feels somewhat unnerving.

Hogbug: And done. Wait...a duplicate. How many are there to collect?

Hogbug: Eight?! This will be impossible.