Halloween 2021 - Day 21


CyberRaven: And one more thing...

CyberRaven: Wait, who are you?

I've been here all along.

CyberRaven: I don't believe you.

Cael: The Earth is healing...

Cael: ...as nature returns.

Drago: You don't think we should try and wake him at this point. It's been days, and pumpkins are well known for their composting abilities.

Cael: Are they really?

Drago: No idea.

Sands O'Time: How'd we miss the purple one. It's sort of Halloweeny.

Big Pumpy: Maybe dark purple would be, but all of these are colored like Jolly Rancher infused Zima.

Meow Mix: I dunno. When put together, the array sort of works. I'm not sure why.

Catskills: Plus, now that there's four, we all get one!

Sands O'Time: Not a chance.

Hedgekin: Quick! We need to tidy up before the next gift arrives.

Hogbug: It would have made so much more sense to do this yesterday when we were done.

Hedgekin: No time like the present.

Hogbug: Suppose we only really need one of these. Then again, I hate to waste any Halloween spirit.

Hogbug: Stacking...that will do.

Hogbug: Wait a minute...

Hogbug: Was this bear always here?

Hedgekin: Yes, all month. How could you not notice something right behind you?