Halloween 2021 - Day 22


CyberRaven: Another grown spider? I think not.

I assure you. That's exactly what it is.

CyberRaven: I still have my doubts. Something is off.

Nonsense. It looks just like the others

CyberRaven: Why does it have a rib...

CyberRaven: ACK!

Drago: Oh, it's the final countdown...

Cael: Great. I'll have that stuck in my head all day now.


Jeeves: You never learn, do you?

Drago: I see Hives is still around. What's the occasion?

Jeeves: He's been here all month, and you can't prove otherwise.

Jeeves: So please take these blacked-out pumpkins and leave it at that.

Drago: Are you going to stand up against all this neo-gothic decor?

Cael: I don't believe I can stand up at all at this point.

Hedgekin: On three. One...two...three.

Hedgekin: Krackel!

Hogbug: Mr. Goodbar!

Hedgekin: What?! Do I even know you?

Hogbug: I can't help it. I have a peanut alergy, but I'm addicted to the rush.

Catskills: Good, no?

Sands O'Time: On the surface, but something seems a bit wrong.

Meow Mix: Namely, this gaping hole in the side.

Catskills: I got it at the Scratch 'n Dent depot. What would you expect?