Halloween 2021 - Day 23


Jeeves: That corner over there needs to be freed up. We've got a big one today.

Jeeves: As well as the area behind the acorn. That bird seems to have no shame.

Cael: How big are we talking. There's little we can do with a week still left. How much more is going to arrive?

Jeeves: That's for me to know...

Cael: And...? He's gone.

Drago: Dunno, I sort of dig it.

Cael: It's not bad, but it chews up a quarter of our space. Is Benny still under the rubble?

Jeeves: Spiders or Bats?

Sands O'Time: Is there any context to this question?

Big Pumpy: Pumpkins!

Jeeves: No, and the pumpkin theme was already handed out.

Catskills: Spiders!

Jeeves: Perfect, because that's what I already brought in, and I'm not doing it twice.

Sands O'Time: I don't recall giving you power of attorney around here.

Big Pumpy: Let's at least turn it on and bask in the glow a few more times this month.

Meow Mix: Green spider webs?

Big Pumpy: Vs teal and lavendar?

Meow Mix: Fair point.

Big Pumpy: You know, we should probably put all these on a master switch. It's a nightmare flipping everything over one by one.

Sands O'Time: Agreed, but I still don't see why we keep that creepy tree around.

Hedgekin: Overnight delivery?

Hedgekin: What other surprises are in store?

Hogbug: A spooky sour suprise!

Hedgekin: Shriekers, eh? I think you should do the honors.

Hogbug: Hmmm...

Hedgekin: What's the verdict?

Hogbug: On par with the white pride edition last June.