Halloween 2021 - Day 24


Drago: Totally forgot what I was going to say.

Cael: Weekends will do that to you. Hmm...I hear a slow clomping sound instead of the usual rusty wheels.

Drago: You're right. And it's been going on for well over an hour now. Wonder what it may be?

Cael: Huh, guess the giant armadillo wasn't crazy talk after all. How about that.

Midge: Greetings weary travelers.

Gno-more: We are the travelers, remember?

Midge: Right, right. Greetings weary hosts.

Midge: Hopefully you won't mind our beast snacking on your bounty of pumpkins.

Cael: They're glass, but sure.

Cael: What brings you here? Sorry for the last of space. Things should be tidied up in a week or so.

Midge: Actually, that's precisely why we are here...



Cael: What just happened?

Drago: We're suddenly adorable scarecrows. How does one scare crows with such rosey cheeks?

Cael: Oh no! They got Mr. Birdy too.

Hedgekin: The plan is complete?

Gno-more: Not quite. More of a dry run as it's only the 24th, you know.

Midge: No sense talking a good game and then falling flat when the time comes. No we know that the final phase will be perfect.

Did the needed ingredients come yet?

Hedgekin: Not yet, but I have a good feeling.