Halloween 2021 - Day 25


Cael: Wake up! We need your help.

Cael: He won't answer.

Drago: How can you smile at a time like this?

Cael: I can't help it. It's plastered on my face.

Cael: And with so little time left. This was terrible timing.

Drago: What, pray tell, would be adequate timing to be turned into scarecrows by gnomes on an armadillo?

Cael: Fair point, but we need to do something.

Solutions? I've got them all.

CyberRaven: Hardly. The spiderpus on my back is still here. Who knew suction cups would remain on a skeleton.

That? I can offer no assistance.
But I do have a way to get rid of the rats.

CyberRaven: A plant? Are we just hoping it absorbs the residual goo that's collected on the floor from all the decomposition and droppings?

Not at all. We have a fair less barbaric way of dealing with them.

Chomp chomp. Eat every last morsel.

Meow Mix: It's been too long since we've done some crafts, so let's tackle one today.

Meow Mix: They're bracelets of sort, although they may end up being full body wraps.

Sands O'Time: Any reason, you just tore open the bottom instead of using the lid?

Meow Mix: I have no idea what you are talking about. So let's just still it out here.

Meow Mix: I believe there was a kitty one in here somewhere.

Big Pumpy: I see elephants and cherub bears. You sure this is Halloween related?

Meow Mix: How can this be? None of this makes sense!

Catskills: Hey, I found a cat one. How's it look?

Meow Mix: Give it back!

Hogbug: Yes! Some of the final ingredients have arrived.

Hedgekin: Not all, but yes. We are well on our way.

Hogbug: Is everything here? There are so many crucial pieces.

Hedgekin: Most is more or less optional. But I see the brain, so we are good.