Halloween 2021 - Day 27


Cael: Time's ticking down, and we're no better off.

Drago: Doesn't help that we did absolutely nothing yesterday about it.

Cael: Neither did you.

Drago: That's what 'we' means.

Cael: Shush, I hear something.

*Rumble Rumble*

Cael: Hello? Oof! It just knocked me down.

Drago: Hey, my glowing acorn.

Drago: They're wrecking the place!

Drago: That's right, get out of here.

Cael: What was all that about? This will take forever to clean up.

Drago: Truth be told, it doesn't look all that much worse than normal.

Hogbug: It's sheer perfection

Hedgekin: Agreed, but that pedestal is for another purpose.

Hedgekin: Now help me get these body parts loaded into the glass. That stench needs to be contained.

Hedgekin: You'd think the plastic wrap would help, but alas.

Hedgekin: Now we wait for the final piece to the puzzle.

Big Pumpy: Oh hai, doggy.

Big Pumpy: That's a good boy.



Big Pumpy: That was either very rude, or you just saved my life. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt Astrodoggie.

CyberRaven: I can't take this place anymore. I'm going for a walk.

CyberRaven: What is this place? Somehow it's worse.

Cael: CyberCrow! Please help us.

CyberRaven: Awful! What a mess. Looks like a trio of monsters came in here and tossed the place.

CyberRaven: But who am I to talk. All my organizational skills have been for naught lately.

Drago: Raven...crow... Why can't we be heard?

Cael: I think we're invisible. I knew angelic-faced scarecrows were useless.

CyberRaven: I give up. This place is beyond repair.

CyberRaven: Time to fix the problems at home.