Halloween 2021 - Day 28


Hedgekin: Heckhounds, you've made contact. Excellent.

Hedgekin: Though I am somewhat disappointed that you were chased away by a Build-a-BeastTM

Hedgekin: Have you assembled the rest of the wind-up army?

Pumpathan: I have. They're clearly right in front of you.

Hedgekin: Well then. Let's wind some knobs.

Big Pumpy: More crafts, I take it?

Meow Mix: Yes, and these will require a small bit of work to get going.

Meow Mix: Looks like we have pumpkins, cats, and spiders, so sorry Sands. You're out of luck this round.

Meow Mix: Just need to pop out this center bit, and we're good to go.

Sands O'Time: A bootleg spirograph?

Meow Mix: I'm not sure if spirographs are trademarked, but yes, a stripped down version.

Meow Mix: It also has some basic stencils

Meow Mix: But the center is where the real beauty emerges. Assuming I can keep it still.

Big Pumpy: Why do I feel like a lengthy chore is coming?

Meow Mix: Because your instincts are sharp. We've got a metric ton of Halloween Cards to finish. Only bread and water until you're done.

CyberRaven: Announcement!

CyberRaven: I heary order all aliens to revert to whatever form is smallest and least imposing.

Aw, but we're having so much fun.

CyberRaven: I mean it


Well Mr. Party Pooper. You're no fun.

CyberRaven: It's just the way things are going to be around here from now on.

Can we at least keep our skateboards?

Drago: Cleaned up...or at least just realigned things a bit.

Cael: It's something. They could have at least stolen a few items and done us a favor.

Drago: You okay sonny? Least you're not affected.

Cael: Enough with the bonding session. Someone's approaching.

Drago: No, it can't be!

Oh, it CAN be.

How can you forget your dear old wife?!