Halloween 2021 - Day 29


Drago: What are you doing here? I thought we lost you?

Wifey: Well, I'm found, and I'm taking Junior with me.

Wifey: Come to mommy

Drago: You've been gone for two years now. You have no right.

Wifey: I had every right. I needed to concentrate on my career

Drago: OnlyFans isn't a career!

Cael: Not to butt into this most awkward conversation, but don't we have more pressing issues on our hands. Namely being scarecrows.

Gno-more: Looks like the test run has served its usefulness. Time to roll things back for the time being.

Midge: Agreed. The real show will beging tomorrow.


Drago: Hey, I'm back. Now where were we?

Wifey: You were just about to say your final goodbyes.

Wifey: But luckily for you, I need to attend to some business first.

Wifey: Hello my future boyfriend. This is what I sound like.

Cael: Gross, is she doing this right in our place? And can we bring up the subject of the mermaid's tale?

Drago: According to her, she's 'finding' herself, so no. It's off limits.

Cael: What about the pink hair?

Drago: Oh that, yes. It's fair game for ridicule.

Big Pumpy: Coil Spring? Is that another generic brand for something we take for granted or is this to fix the old jalopy out back?

Meow Mix: The former I believe, not that we don't need to attend to our mode of transportation one day.

Big Pumpy: Jack-o-lanterns and Skulls. We win again.

Meow Mix: Rats!

CyberRaven: Glad I kept the composting bin around. It's proved very useful throughout the years.

CyberRaven: Now I can finally clean up the rest of this mess.

CyberRaven: I'll have this place in top shape if it kills me.

CyberRaven: Are you two still here...still?

Gourdgear: Yes, now may we finally leave?


*Tick tock, ratta tatta*

*Clomp stomp poop*