Halloween 2021 - Day 30


Hedgekin: There it is! The final item for the plan.

Hedgekin: Oh Ghost DOTS, how I've missed you.

Pumpathan: Packaging is a bit different than a few years ago, no?

Hedgekin: It is, and thank you for confirming that 2009 was 'just a few years ago'.

Hedgekin: Up on the pedistal, and then we wait.

Hedgekin: Or rather, we send out the minions and we wait.

Catskills: Hello?

Catskills: Anyone there?

Wifey: Yes. I'm here. Please leave a 'tip' to talk to me.

Catskills: A tip? I just want to know where my friend are. They disappeared last night. Can you come over and help me find them?

Wifey: I require a three item minimum from my Amazon wishlist for larger requests.

Cael: Am I overstepping my boundaries by wishing she would suddenlly disappear?

Cael: Pleaaaaase gooo awaaaay...

Drago: I feel like I should step in, but you might just get some results.

Wifey: I'm right here!

Wifey: But lucky for you, I have a job to get to. I'll be back for sonny when I return.

Drago: Enjoy your last few moments with your pumpkin and gimblegob. The world as you know it is coming to an end.

Cael: Don't be so melodramatic.

And who might you be?

Owlboy: Sorry to disturb, but I've been sent to summon you.

Cael: That can't be good.

Wifey: This place is a mess. I would have thought you would clean up a bit before I arrived.

Catskills: No time for that. I need help finding everyone.

Wifey: Still on about that, eh? Can't we drop the games?

Catskills: What games? I'm nervous that something happened to them.

Wifey: Okay, I'll help, but it will cost another few wishlist items. I've had my eyes on the 1000-count ladybugs.

Hedgekin: Yay, you made it!

Cael: We were summoned. It didn't sound like a choice.

Hedgekin: Correct you are! We wouldn't let any part of our plan falter. So glad you were so willing.

Cael: After last year, I think we should just part ways. Nice seeing you again, but toodles.

Hedgekin: Oh, I don't think that would be a very good idea. You have no idea what is in store.

Hedgekin: Perhaps you could kindly look behind you...

Cael: No...no. I couldn't be.

Cael: I thought all that was behind us now. It's been a couple years since 2009.

Hedgekin: I thought that as well.

Hedgekin: But your fate is sealed. Can just to ensure you don't do anything foolish...

Hedgekin: ...we took certain procautions as a warning.

Cael: Not them!

Drago: We barely know them, nor care.

Hedgekin: Matters not. It was a threat, so make yourselves at home. Tomorrow will be so much fun.

Owlboy: Umm...

Owlboy: Wish they didn't just rush out and leave me here alone.

Owlboy: You over there.

Owlboy: I think they may be in some serious trouble. Perhaps we should attempt a rescue mission.