Halloween 2021 - Day 31


CyberRaven: Hello? Anybody here?

CyberRaven: Halloween is upon us, and no one is around to celebrate. Quite odd.

CyberRaven: Hmm, the car is still here.

CyberRaven: Perhaps they stepped out.

Mare: What sort of place is this? Certainly not to my liking.

Santa: Some sort of countdown, I think.

Kuse: Ouch. We have enough trouble with 24 days. Imagine dealing with 31.

Waiterbot: Hey Santa, any chance of using your body as a host again? This mech suit is getting somewhat irritating.

Santa: Sorry. I'll never forget the horrific things you did whilst under your control.

Mista Snowman: Hey guys! I see a magical Christmas drunk in the corner. Check it out!

Knacks: You're right. Wonder if there's a way to revive him?

Knacks: Any of that hocus pocus left in ya, Mare?

Mare: I think calling my angelic healing power, hocus pocus, will earn you a firey spot down south, but I'll give it a try.

Mare: Arise!

Benny: Wow. How long have I been out?

Waiterbot: Don't care. Can you help us get out of here or not?

Benny: Sure. Feel free to take the car over there. It's been a glorified chair all month anyway.

Santa: Ooh, it's vintage model from my era. Shotgun...because I don't want to drive.

Hedgekin: Happy Halloween? I don't think that will do at all.

Hedgekin: Trick? Treats? Now we're talking.

Hedgekin: Now be sure not to bother me while I recite the spell, else we'll end up with a lazy Spiderman plot.

Catskills: Pardon me, but I must break that request and bother you.

Wifey: Ignore his inability to get the point. We're looking for skeletons, and/or pumpkins, cats, etc...

Hedgekin: Yes, yes of course. They're right behind you!

Catskills: I don't get it.

Hedgekin: You will in time.

I live again...

Cael: Phew, we escaped

Drago: Oh, this isn't good. How'd we end up back in 2009?

Jeeves: Greetings...where is everyone. It's Halloween proper.

Jeeves: This is quite unprofessional.

Jeeves: No matter. I'll just drop off today's addition and be on my way.

Jeeves: Despite my best efforts, I've not learned to avoid touching the open flame.

Catskills: Hello dark stranger. Great trouble is brewing.

Owlboy: We're in great need of help as well.

Jeeves: I'm afraid I cannot be of service. Mainly because I do not help others.

Jeeves: Try the birds upstairs.

Drago: And straight into a pumpking patch.

Cael: I know we're reliving our old adventures moment by moment, but you don't also need to narrate them the same way.

Cael: These were the zombies right?

Drago: Correct. Well one set of them anyway.

Cael: Shall we battle then?

Drago: Way ahead of you. I think our past experience has honed our fighting skills quite nicely.

Drago: There's the other ones. We'll let them infight like a classic Doom 2 strategy.

Cael: That is surprisingly effective.

CyberRaven: Ah, so that's why the place was empty. I hadn't considered the all too common 'kidnapped and turned into Ghost DOTS' scenario.

Catskills: Thank you for being the first to help us.

Catskills: Now could you get this bird to stop staring at me?

CyberRaven: Arise. It is time to once again change into your mightly bird forms. The battle will need your skills.

Oh nooow you need us around.

Cael: Skipping right into the Christmas adventure we never got around to?

Drago: Seems so. Wonder why we went right by the boss battle?

Cael: Unless it was waiting for us to let our guard down.

Drago: You may be correct.

Cael: How did we defeat it again?

Drago: Oh, this handy pellet that my time-traveling future self provided.




Hedgekin: They're fighting back. We're going to need to push harder.

Hedgekin: Summon the rest. It's time for the epic battle that we can't go without.

Hedgekin: Traditions are important.

Midge: Consider it done.

Hedgekin: Hah, hah. Now we face off. Hog to crow...

CyberRaven: How dare you! And why did we pick this apartment to fight in?

Hedgekin: Aesthetics!

CyberRaven: Completely understand.

Hedgekin: Your motley team is no match for ours.

CyberRaven: Motley? You have some fluffy imps in the back. They can barely stand up.

Hedgekin: You should talk. Who are those three in the back?

CyberRaven: No idea. They just were walking by, and I asked them to join without providing any further details.

Hedgekin: Poor sportsmanship on your part.

Hedgekin: Kill the lights! Let's have some fights!

Pumpathan: Seems so long ago that we were friends.

Owlboy: We weren't friends. I just joined you on that public access show.


CyberRaven: I still got it!

Wifey: You're no match for me. I deal with internet trolls all the time.

CyberRaven: There you go. Tackle those plushies.



Hedgekin: Haha, the armadillo will surely change the tide in this battle.

Midge: Actually we're not risking it, so we're out.

Gno-more: Toodles.

Hedgekin: Well that's unfortunately. But no matter, we can more than make up for it.

Hedgekin: Attack O' army of windup toys!

CyberRaven: Don't be too confident. I've got a trick of my sleeves.

Hogbug: Sleeves, eh?

CyberRaven: Shut up, and bear witness to my compost bin!

CyberRaven: Go forth my vermin!

Hedgekin: Is that all you got?

CyberRaven: Of course not. Here comes the big guns!

Benny: Ah Goblin juice, my old friend. It's been too long.

Benny: Oh right, I had a mission to accomplish here.

Benny: Not that I have any idea what to do. How does one ressurect the dead?

Benny: Hmm, Happy Halloween sounds more promising than the Trick book. Here goes nothing.

Big Pumpy: We're free!

Benny: Perfect. Just touching the book seemed to do the trick. Glad I didn't have to recite anything.

Sands O'Time: We need to destroy the tree. It's the link between everything. Can't reach though.

Benny: Allow me.


Big Pumpy: That was disgusting.

Benny: I've done worse.

Hedgekin: Nooo, I sense some vague imbalance in power!

Cael: That's right, and we teleported back here for some reason instead of where we were taken.

Hedgekin: Very convenient!

Cael: The game is up! You've nowhere to hide now.

Hedgekin: Seems you've won this round. We'll be seeing you again!


Drago: Never a satisfying ending to all this, is there?

Cael: It's more about the journey or something. Dunno, just glad it's over.

Drago: Maybe we can have some much needed downtime then.

Drago: And sorry for blaming everything on you Jeeves. Threw me for a curveball there.

Jeeves: Don't speak too soo. I have your finall bill with me.

Cael: And there's your punchline, kids. Happy Halloween!

Alright. Everyone ready? We're off to battle.

CyberRaven: It's all over you dolts. You missed it...