Previously on Dannarchy's Halloween

Drago: This again!

Hogbug: Time for the One-Chip Challenge!

We will never appear again

Sands O'Time: Glowing decor will be our thing this year

Pumpathan: I'm a rascal.

Some birds do have hands

Recycling and reusing are not the same thing

Big Pumpy: We all lose at Jenga

Rats, rats, everywhere...

Hedgekin: These will stain my gums

Steampunk forever

Hogbug: Yeah, these aren't spicy at all.

An old foe returns.

Cael: oh good, more table scatter.

A new foe appears


Party favors of some sort

Benny: Time for a Goblin Juice break

Cael: I for one am tired of these pipe brush trees

Jeeves: Just in case you forgot I was part of this.

Meow Mix: My new boyfriend is going to be a forth wheel.

CyberRaven: It's getting way too crowded in here!

Big Pumpy: Was I right about the aesthetic, or what?


Meow Mix: These are disturbing, but I think we can use them.

Hang ten, dude!

Drago: Another fine mess!

Join my OnlyFans...

CyberRaven: Suppose it's my job to clean all this up.

Hedgekin: Har, har, we have them trapped.

Drago: This again!

CyberRaven: Another battle or something.

We did a Valentine's Thing

We did an Easter Thing